Stoney Bank Flower Show Stoney Bank Flower Show Stoney Bank Flower Show Stoney Bank Flower Show Stoney Bank Flower Show
A new attitude and some headline copy that works well within their established circle of peers, Smithworks created a Do You Know Jack? ad campaign for Jack and Joe Blandy. With new photography from thriving client gardens and a respect for Stoney Bank’s award-winning work, the ads are adding a new level of respect for their humor as well.

Also, at the Philadelphia Flower Show, this year exhibitors were given the green light to promote themselves through the use of videos and signage. PHS adjusted display guidelines to allow additional promotional efforts, acknowledging the expenses to participate in the show, especially for the creators of the major “showcase gardens”.

Long-time exhibitor, Stoney Bank Nurseries called on Smithworks to compile the video for their exhibit, a Chef’s rooftop garden entitled “Le Jardin de Toit du Chef.” A garden worthy of The French Chef herself, the display featured a complete outdoor professional kitchen, vegetable and herb gardens, flowering fruit trees, sculpted espaliers and massive displays of edible greenery with comfortable areas for gathering and entertaining. Solar panels built atop a pergola powered the landscape lighting as well as the appliances within the kitchen.

The video, designed in Flash, was projected through a window for impact, and carefully plotted to mirror the look and feel of the rooftop concept. In an article about influx of new advertising at the internationally famous annual show, Virginia A. Smith of The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Kelly Shenk, a fifth grade teacher from Gallaway Township, New Jersey who said she found the Stoney Bank video “inspiring, not tacky. It’s tastefully presented and let’s face it, these businesses need backing and support. More power to them,” she said.

Another video, walks YouTube viewers step-by-step through the Chef’s Rooftop Garden with explanations of the sustainable building products and landscaping details used during construction. Watch Joe Blandy’s commentary.

Stoney Bank Flower Show Stoney Bank Flower Show Stoney Bank Flower Show Stoney Bank Flower Show
For the fifth consecutive year, Smithworks designed all materials to support the Chester County Historical Society’s annual major fundraising effort, The Antiques Show. This year’s catalog design focused on a selection of antiquities used for early teaching and learning to support the show’s theme, “Collecting Knowledge: A Lifelong Pursuit.” Cover artwork features an embroidered terrestrial globe of silk with silk embroidery and ink decoration, attributed to Mary Dickenson, circa 1815.

The complete marketing package to promote the show included print and online ads, preview party tickets, brochures as well as pages on the CCHS website devoted to advance ticket sales, donations and detailed show information.

The Whip Tavern The Whip Tavern The Whip Tavern The Whip Tavern
PR exposure for The Whip Tavern this season has put Executive Chef Wyatt Lash in front of audiences beyond The Whip’s loyal following of locals, riders and British expatriates.

Smithworks arranged the specifics for these television appearances: rehearsing recipes, prepping props and photos and fine-tuning the facts before each appearance and interview.

At NBC Philadelphia’s 10! Show, Wyatt talked with host Bill Henley about the pub’s comfort food as he made beef short ribs with black currant puree and parsnips laced with horseradish. It was the first time at 10! for The Whip and while we were there, we secured another appearance for this winter. Take a look at NBC Philadelphia.

Chef Lash also appeared on set in Princeton, New Jersey at the Miele showroom for “The Chef’s Kitchen.” There he made miniature Beef Wellington, and Pecan Encrusted Brie perfect for holidays. Appearing in two segments, holiday recipe ideas from The Whip will air 10 times during November and December. The segments are also airing on hulu and You Tube.

As part of this year’s buy with Philadelphia Magazine, Smithworks landed Chef Lash a feature in the November issue, where he shared a party recipe for his Pumpkin Goat Cheese Tart and commented about adding garnish to party plates. The feature is also online - see the full story here.

Field of Dreams Field of Dreams Field of Dreams Field of Dreams
A regional landscaping client approached us for help weathering the recession. More than ever, they needed more people to be aware of their capabilities to design, build, maintain and illuminate local landscapes.

A new identity package, signage, custom graphics for their trucks and task specific brochures will allow Field of Dreams to address new prospects as well as revisit existing clients with news of their other services. To enhance their message, we carefully crafted a program of events and media to generate high-level exposure in well-read publications for not a lot of money.

In addition, through our network of clients and knowledge of local events, we were able to promote Field of Dreams to some exclusive audiences and make introductions and inroads on their behalf.