Drexel Brochures
Drexel Brochures Drexel Brochures Drexel Brochures
At Drexel, students alternate semesters of classroom study with full time employment. They graduate with relevant experience, contacts, research and obvious advantages over students who haven’t worked within their fields of study. The University’s College of Arts and Sciences needed new printed resources to speak to potential students about this unparalleled Co-op program.

The concept life. experience. drove the creative process and allowed a contemporary execution by Smithworks for each of the collateral elements: an overview book, nine individual department brochures and a carrier. The package is distributed during one-on-one campus visits and allows efficiencies in matching a candidate’s interests with only the appropriate brochures, thereby reducing waste.

The 16-page overview brochure features the benefits of study at one of the nation’s oldest, largest and most respected universities. Courses of study include 16 majors, 38 minors and five certificate programs available within the College of Arts And Sciences.

Single brochures, for each of 9 general areas of study, detail the prerequisites and program opportunities for research, co-op, travel as well as courses, facilities and careers achieved by Drexel students within each major. Starting with interviews with recent graduates, Smithworks obtained real-life commentary to describe life within each department.

The package is distinguished by matte inks and recycled papers.

H.L. Chalfant Site
H,L. Chalfant H.L. Chalfant H.L. Chalfant H.L. Chalfant
Fine American Antiques dealer, HL Chalfant has launched a new website to revolutionize their business.

Joining the Antiques firm of his father Skip, son Scott Chalfant wanted the second generation of their site to function more efficiently for the one-of-a-kind business of selling one-of-a-kind antiques.

Prior to joining HL Chalfant, Scott had been in software product management, landing, after 8 years, at Macromedia, which became Adobe Software. So when he approached Smithworks for a highly custom website, we knew the process would produce a web experience to match the highly prized antiques available at the West Chester gallery.

The site, designed by SWD was built in Drupal, an open source content management system (CMS) allowing Chalfant complete control over all content. With constantly changing inventory, the Drupal back end allows Scott to organize clients and billings himself, exporting documents to excel, even uploading and cropping his own photos in 4 sizes.

Chalfant can also control the featured interactive items on the home page and share products on facebook and twitter. Short of changing the structure and design of the site, the possibilities for content are endless. And the simple straightforward front end design allows users to browse easily through Chalfant’s Antique offerings, unaware of the site’s built-in capabilities.

HL Chalfant